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LiveDoco Pricing

License price is calculated based on the maximum allowed number of simultaneous connections to the LiveDoco installation. When the limit is reached the least recently used session is terminated. This ensures that old or abandoned sessions do not interfere with new connections. However if you find yourself getting the "License Limit Exceeded" error message too frequently - this means your current limit is too low and you should consider upgrading. LiveDoco license pricing enables cost efficient upgrades making over-provisioning unnecessary. The table on this page gives an overview of LiveDoco pricing. If you have a discount coupon code - please enter it in the coupon code field and click on the "Get Prices" button to see the prices available under that code. If this table does not have a figure for the license limit you are interested in - please use the "Buy Now" button to go to the shopping cart page where you can enter the desired number of licenses and your coupon code if you have one to get the price for that particular connection limit.

Free Licenses

The following organizations or individuals might be eligible for a free LiveDoco license:

  • Charitable Organizations
    Please see the Wikipedia article to find out if your organization qualifies.

  • Bloggers or website owners who wish to write a review or an article about LiveDoco
    The blog or web site should be at least three months old and should be related to databases, software development or IT in general. The article does not have to be completely dedicated to LiveDoco. For instance it could be about database documentation tools in general, but should have at least few paragraphs describing LiveDoco, preferably with screenshots and links to It does not have to praise LiveDoco either. Any constructive criticism is very welcome. It might be a good idea to send us a link to your blog or web site first so we could check it before you spend any time on the article.

Please email us at for more details.