Explore and document SQL Server database structure with LiveDoco!

What LiveDoco is:

What it can do:

LiveDoco enables easy access to your  Microsoft SQL Server metadata/structure
and allows to:

  • View the structure of your database, including object descriptions and source code
  • Document SQL Server databases using extended properties
  • View or modify extended properties, both standard MS_Description and custom ones
  • Search database object names and extended properties
  • Selectively export your database metadata/structure:
    • As XML with an optional XSLT transformation
    • As SQL extended properties insert/update script
    • Export subsystem is extendable so you can add your own export templates using either XSLT or ASP.NET MVC Razor syntax.

System Requirements

LiveDoco System Requirements


sql server database documentation tool - Login Screen explore SQL server database metadata with LiveDoco document sql server database by editing the selected extended property

search sql server metadata, for example find column, table or view and/or search their descriptions explore Export sql server metadata to XML via XSLT or custom SQL


The LiveDoco tool is one of those tools that you find yourself using everyday and it works.
If you need to document a database that has very little documentation and understand the data linkage or a database that you find yourself supporting that you have not developed this is the best tool I have found to do that.

Chris Croumbie-Brown
SubsPlus Support
Database Consultants Australia

LiveDoco proving to be very useful by helping extend the value of our databases to non-technical users . One of our frustrations is having database developers using obscure field names that make sense to them but no one else and then never adding any field descriptions. It’s also very time consuming to have someone go into SQL Server Management Studio to add these descriptions. LiveDoco will let us not only easily add the field descriptions as we figure them out but to also see the relationships that exist within the databases.

Craig M. Clausen
Executive Vice President & Principal Analyst
New Paradigm Resources Group, Inc.